Going Green


The Journey to Solar Power!

If You Wish Fresh Towels

 Please leave your used towels on the floor in your room or on a hook in the washroom.

                              Thank you!



 Healthy Yard/ Healthy Garden

Text Box: Deanne has qualified as a beekeeper and harvested over 70 lbs. of honey from her group’s hives this year.

Battery powered Lawnmower

Organic fertilizer and weed control program

Native Trees and Plants

Organic/ Heirloom/ Non– GMO Seed Stock

Garden to Table for vegetables/ herbs

Watering Conservation Program

Compost/ Supplemental Pumpkin Seed Soil

Solar Garden Lights

All Public Space Lights on Timers



Recycling Program

High Efficiency Furnace

High Efficiency Front Loading Washer

Gas Dryer

Low Flo Toilets (water conserving)

ATCO Energy Audit done– Home Efficiency  increased by 24%

Vents/ Furnace Maintenance Program

Organic Ice Melter for Sidewalks



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